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Bareboat Yacht Chartering is my Passion

Commodore-Cruises.com | Commodore Marge Bottari

Commodore Marge

I am Marge Bottari and Commodore Cruises is my web site dedicated to Mediterranean (Croatia, Greece, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily and Turkey) bareboat chartering and bareboat sailing.

Bareboat Sailing runs through my Veins…

I love to sail and since my first yachting experience on San Francisco Bay, nearly 30 years ago, until today I have been planning vacations which combine my love for boating with my desire to experience exotic ports of call around the world.   During the past three decades I have been bareboat sailing throughout the Caribbean’s British Virgin Islands (BVIs), The Windward Islands (Dominica, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, Grenada and St. Vincent), Venezuela, Mexico and New Zealand.  However, my heart lies in the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean where mankind learned to move through the water on ships and vessels almost 5,000 years ago.

I have been fortunate to sail the Dalmatian coast of Croatia twice, as well as Turkey’s Turquoise Coast and the beautiful Ionian Islands of Greece. I can’t think of a more spectacular way to experience up close the Mediterranean’s many historical and beautiful bays, inlets, coves, villages and walled cities much the same way as our ancestors did many centuries ago.

I still get goose bumps when I tell people about my last Bareboat trip…

We started by taking a ferry from Ancona (Italy) across the Adriatic Sea to Split (Croatia).  We spent the morning at Diocleasian’s Palace and then provisioned for our trip at the Trogir ancient open air markets before picking up our boat.   Our nautical adventure encompassed 10 days of chartering through the 60 islands that make up the Dalmatian Coast. We finished in Dubrovnik where we stayed in a charming hotel which was right outside the city gates and only a 2 minute walk into the historic walled city.

I invite you to join us on our next Mediterranean Bareboat Sailing Adventure…

As Staff Commodore and long time member of the Sausalito Yacht Club I have planned many bareboat charters for club members as well as friends.  I would love for you to join us on one of our upcoming charters.   Whether you already bareboat or have a skipper, you will love the slow, gentle way of sailing into and through the history of mankind’s many thousands of years of living in, building on and sailing through the Mediterranean’s majestic blue waters.

The French Cuisine of the East – Ahh…the food of Turkey

Dolmas of Turkey

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Visiting Beautiful Taormina

Taromino with Mt Etna

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The Rest of Greece – the World’s Most Famous and Beautiful Cruising Grounds!


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Ahh… the Foods and Wines of French Corsica and Italian Sardinia

Fresh Seafood - Sardinia

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Beautiful Corfu

Shopping in Corfu

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